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A take on the biology of runners high

GENES wire instructions across time to help biological beings survive. If the BIOLOGICAL BEING survives, the GENE survives. That's the premise of a GOOD set of instructions.


Let's see a manual of GOOD instructions then:


1. REWARD the things that are GOOD for survival.

2. Make the reward SHORT-LIVED so the biological being does those same THINGS again and again.

3. Make the ANTICIPATION of the REWARD greater than the REWARD itself. So the biological being CRAVES arriving at the reward enough to divert all ATTENTION to it.


This bring us to 'runners high' - the feel-good chemicals Endorphins and Endocannabinoids, dopamine and serotonin. They are the neurological REWARD for exercise. All contribute to cradle the emotional centres and leave the RUNNER feeling super EUPHORIC about life.


Like any GOOD instruction manual, there's a safety provision. That feeling of EUPHORIA should be SHORT-LIVED. Otherwise this biological being would bask in a FOREVER afterglow of it's ONE single RUN.


So we WAKE UP and zero in. ATTENTION drawn to the ANTICIPATION of the next HIGH. We stare at our laces and pluck up the COURAGE to head out the door and GET AFTER IT again.


Harness the BIOLOGY to your BENEFIT.

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