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Is it a good time to make new plans?

My feelings aren't neutral from moment to moment, they're either engaged with the world or they aren't. You can tell when they're engaged because time and self-consciousness shrink.


It seems there's a higher order given to things that focus on a future target. On some level the target actually exists. It's just not been laid out yet so it's easy to ignore.


I've found the moment the target is on paper, I've brought it to life. There's always a huge sense of relief in the ACTION. Now the course is set the subplots roll in. It feels like there's a force pushing from behind, edging you towards what you could be.


The value in a piece of art isn't in the paint, it's in the adventure of conception. Set a target which seems crazy to others. The work won't feel like work. The focus shifts to a higher order because you're bringing the future into being.


—> 📸 Bosley Cloud, Peak District

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