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Not all workouts are fun

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

The brain is so busy protecting it doesn't allow for growth. It's called negativity bias, we fear the bad more than we appreciate the good. That sting of disapproval hurts way more than the joy of praise. We're hardwired to stay safe.


Tough workouts force the same dynamic. The anticipation of the pain looms over the thrill of the challenge. The brain manufactures an endless list of circumstances to draw upon to justify not leaving the house. My most creative moments have come from attempts to avoid pain.


I remind myself at this point that you can't GOOGLE how to act. You just have to DO IT.


It's impossible to feel this kind of anticipatory pain for too long if you recognise it as a thought processing machine. Its aim set at keeping us safe. A worthy cause for a sloth.


Embrace the pain head-on and your whole physiology switches from reactive to proactive. Shoulders drop, chest extends, palms open. What you aim at determines what you see. Focus on the opportunity that sits on the far side of pain. A positive illusion.

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